Mini lop rabbit ireland
Mini Lop rabbit ireland

Welcome to my website. I am a breeder of pure bred true to type miniature lop eared rabbits & netherland dwarf rabbits. Pure breds in both breeds are very rare & hard to find here. I am also a breeder of Sugar gliders, Skinny pigs (hairless guinea pigs), African pygmy hedgehogs & marmoset monkeys. I breed sugar gliders in classic grey & extremely rare mutation colours, like leucistic, mosaic & piebalds. 

Occasionally I also have maltese puppies available (please see maltese page)

I am located in County Dublin, Ireland.

Here at Tonis Pets Ireland, my pets are first & foremost just that, my pets! Their health & well being always comes first. They are housed in large spacious accommodation & are fed the very best premium food.

I breed for quality, type & temperament & NOT FOR PROFIT. I do not make any profit, any money from sales goes straight towards the care & upkeep of my pets.

Available mini lop & netherland dwarf rabbits, sugar gliders, skinny pigs, african pygmy hedgehogs & marmoset monkeys can be found on the FOR SALE  page. Please contact me if you would like to enquire about upcoming litters.

If you have any questions or queries about availability, please phone me on 0872143992 or email or find us on facebook @ Tonis Pets Ireland

Thanks for viewing my website.

Mini lop rabbit ireland
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